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Mistress Lady Carla NY

Divine Festishes and Imaginative Roleplay

Many of you may remember but, only a very few fortunate ones have served... The Divine Mistress Lady Carla - Dominatrix Extraordinaire has returned, Be afraid, very, very afraid... The Divine Mistress Lady Carla is pleased to announce that She is renewing Her acquaintances with former slaves and is willing to consider a very few select new subservients as well. The personal quest of Mistress Lady Carla began in the mid 1980's when She sought to develop and hone Her skills as a true lifestyle Dominatrix. During this time, She acquired Her considerable talent by practicing Her craft in private domains and commercial Dungeons. Mistress Lady Carla studied with a great world-renowned Dominatrix mentor, in much the same way that European crafts people study with a mentor to learn their trades. Combined with a unique character, She incorporated these training skills into Her own personal style. Some may recall the Esoteric Press video: My Name is Carla, which featured Mistress Lady Carla. Consider yourself lucky if you both seen Her video and had the opportunity serve Her personally. Mistress Lady Carla's experience extends beyond Her personal experience and pleasures encompass all facets of domination and diverse fetishes. She has developed proficiency and skills that have made Her a true standout in the world of Domination. There is none finer than Mistress Lady Carla. At this time Mistress Lady Carla is willing to consider a few select and truly submissive devotees to be added to Her stable of willing slaves. In order to be considered, you must follow Her instructions perfectly. She does not tolerate any degree of error or misstep on the parts of Her slaves. So, read, study and apply yourself if you wish to serve Mistress Lady Carla. You must be sincere and forward to Her a letter of introduction that briefly and succinctly describes you interests, abilities and experience. You must describe your level of experience clearly and to what degree you have served in the past. Also, make sure that you tell the Mistress Lady Carla the of session in which you are interested be it DOMESTIC SERVICE or CORPORAL TRAINING. How long of session do you seek with the Mistress? Have you served other Dommes in the past? What are your limits? Are you willing to expand those limits for Mistress's personal amusement? Mistress Lady Carla has incorporated into Her lifestyle a rule, a code of ethics, that you must be willing to abide by if you wish to serve Her: Trust, Honesty and Communication. These are key to Mistress and She expects Her slaves to live by them as well. You must apply to Her and address Her as MISTRESS CARLA or LADY CARLA -- at all times and with total Respect. These are Her rules, Her laws. If you cannot live by them, do not bother Her. SERVICES Mistress Lady Carla possesses an extensive and fully equipped erotic wardrobe which enhances and stimulates your mind accordingly... Before a session begins with the Mistress, She will review your interests so that She will have better insight into the type of scenario you seek. You must answer any and all pertinent questions or concerns relating to this matter. If you cannot be open and totally honest with the Mistress, do not waste Her valuable time. Sessions with Mistress Lady Carla may vary from mild to bizarre depending on your interests and skills, and more importantly, Mistress Lady Carla's desires. For example, She enjoys the following: BONDAGE: All aspects of bondage are practiced and enjoyed by Mistress Lady Carla. This includes mummification, Japanese Rope Bondage, corsetry, and sensory deprivation. DISCIPLINE: Mistress Lady Carla is expert in the administration of all forms of corporal punishment including whips, canes, paddles, and firm, over-the-knee spankings. These experiences can be light or She can turn your flesh into ground hamburg. SADO-MASOCHISM: These torments can range from light to very intense in the form of nipple and/or genital torture. FETISHES: These include, but are certainly not limited to, leather, rubber, exquisite foot fetishes, Full Fashion Stockings, smoking, trampling, stiletto heels, and shoe/boot worship. FEMINIZATION: Let the Mistress turn you into the glamorous woman/Diva you long to be, or the adventureous sissyslut. ENGLISH EQUESTRIENNE: You can become Mistress Carla's human horse with complete tack including the riding crop, saddle, spurs and jodhpurs. She will ride you thru your paces... CANINE TRAINING: Sit, beg, roll-over, play dead, speak like the barking dog that you are. Perhaps you may earn merit upon doing little doggy tricks to Lady Carla's amusement and specifications... You may contact me. Speak... All inquires will be answered at my earliest conveinence. Coming Soon,... Download images and video clips of Mistress Lady Carla in action! Your Divine Goddess- Mistress Lady Carla **you must use either Yahoo or PalTalk ( to contact me with a cam**