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Lil Miss Sabrina

Little Teen hottie wanting some dirty talk

Hi hun =) I am a sweet, innocent girl looking to explore new things. I want to learn all about your fantasys and things I can do to myself to feel good. Maybe you can teach me???? Hearing your fantasys helps me get off! Nothing is too taboo we can talk about ANYTHING!!!

Like em young, tight, maybe in a little pleated school girl skirt? I can be just as naughty as you if you teach me!

I have a confession....I just bought a bunch of new high heels to wear with my old school girl skirt. I have a small foot fetish so if you would like to see pictues of my sexy new shoes I might let you if you take care of me the way a good guy should! I need lots of pampering so I can serve you better.

I get my manicure and pedicure every few days...I think a good girl should always look her best! Don't you think a girl's feet look pretty when her toes are all done up nice? But you're not thinking about this right now are you? You are probably thinking about how I never wear my panties like a good girl should. I guess thats my downfall, I always manage to leave me house without panties. Sometimes the wind catches my skirts and people can see my little pussy. hehehe.

Remember to be really nice when you call me...I am still getting the hang of how to touch my body and with some guidence from you Baby, I will be so naughty =) I am the type of girl you see on the beach tanning with her girlfriends, I am the type of girl you see walking home from class in her plaid school girl skirt, but there is something different about me. My shirt is always undone just a little low and I roll my skirt up just a little high. I am asking for it. Might tight, warm little legs are so pure yet you have to show me what to do. Think you can?

About me:
No Tattoos
I love all sexual positions, although I am very tight so go slow at first ok?
I have a mostly shaved pussy
blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'2" 115lbs.
Really into talking about sex, since I've only had sex a few times I like to hear about all the things you could do with me, it really gets me of to hear you talk about how hard you are or how wide you can spread my pussy. I have never had anal sex but I would like to try someday! I am a little young but how else will I ever learn unless I talk to people who really know what to do?!

Check out my tight, round little ass...ready for something I have never even dreamed of before! Care to elaborate???

Sound like fun? Give me a call! I am a little princess and deserve to learn how to fuck like one. Spoil me and take care of me Baby and I will make you VERY happy =)

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My Wish List

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Me in my school girl skirt after school showing off my little pussy!

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