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From this day forth you will
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  • Choosing the appropriate trinkets & gifts for your
"SUPERIOR DANGEROUS DOM SUPREMEs" lifestyle *********************************************************
"WORDS of CAUTION"...I'm not your wife (or) girlfriend nor will I ever want to be! This is "REALITY" I'm a "REALTIME DOMINATRIX" with nothin but USING you on my mind! Don't call my line lookin for sympathy and all that weak ass shit cause it ain't happenin! I'm "HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER" you may notice "MY" services & listings are "UNIQUE yet very rellevant & direct
(this keeps me away from ignorant bastards 'n' such!)

My real name is none of your business, so don't be tryin to get real personal ALL my piggys, subbies and slaves know me as SUPERIOR DANGEROUS DOM SUPREME" don't get it twisted! I took the time to write this pertinent information so "READ IT" I HATE dumb ass people that don't read then ask alot of dumb ass questions! If I don't like you then I'll hang up on you...PLAIN & SIMPLE! Connect to me at your own risk cause this here HEAD BITCH is BADDD!