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Midnight Mistress Sisters

FEMDOMSisters specializing in financial domination

Come and meet Raven and Stormy; Sexy, sinful sisters with a lust for domination and an insatiable need for money. Dirty, Sexy, Money. They will use their beauty and their cunning to bend you mercilessly to their will, and for your every flaw they will make you pay! After meeting these hypnotic sisters you will live only to serve them, to meet their every demand, to pay any price necessary to please them. But please them you will not, not until you have given them your very last dollar and complete control of your life. And if you should even think of trying to resist their deadly charms, they will hunt you down like predators searching for lesser prey. And in the dark of night when you think all is safe they will find you and you will pray, you will beg, you will crawl, and just when you think the torture is over they will make you pay the ultimate price. Do you think you have what it takes to live up to the honor and prestige of being their slave? Are you willing to spend the disgusting amount of money that it will take to slake their thirst, to quench their need, if only for a moment? Are you willing to pay their every ridiculous bill, to keep them in the lfestyle to which they are accustomed, to which they so obviously deserve? Remember, the more you spend they more time they have to make you miserable. Amatures beware, these are warrior women, primitive in their need, their lust, but incredibly clever and cunning in their extortion of your money and their destruction of your life. So, are you ready to pay what it takes to serve not only one mistress, but two? Well then, read on...