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          to buy panties at the store.
          You know that the sales girls always
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          So what should I do with a sissy like you?
          I could dress you up in something pretty
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Maybe you can be my sissy maid.
Petticoats and ruffled rumba panties,
stockings and garters and very high, high heels.
A sexy little french maid outfit.
You can serve me and my girlfriends.
Jump when I snap my fingers.
If you don't please me you will have to bend over,
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spanking. If you are a good sissy maid
I might let you pull your skirt up
and pull your panties down to your knees
and rub your little clitty, nice and dainty,
pinky out, while we laugh.
You better get used to your hand
because that is all that that little thing deserves.


I can put you in a pink bikini
and take you to the beach.
No coverup for you.
Everyone can see that you don't have a bulge down there.
Swish your ass, sissy.

Maybe I will make you my fluffer.
All dressed up in pink bra and panties,
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You can get my boyfriend's 10 inch dick hard
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See what real men get to do.
While you get clean up duty.

How about a sissy slut gang bang?

Or if you just want a girlfriend for some girl talk
that is always fun too.

One thing is certain, I want you
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Does your wife cuckhold you because
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let you watch and then make you clean her out
Or are you a bookstore bitch
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I want to hear all about your pansy ass adventures
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