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You remember digging around in someone's underwear drawer. Or perhaps you found someone's panties in the laundry hamper and tried them on. OOOOHHHHH my gosh!!! The feel of that silky satiny panty on your skin for the first time, you can still remember that delightful sensation, can't you???!!!

And then, you tried on her bra. How you wish you had breasts to fill up those cups. You used tissues or socks or whatever you could find handy to stuff those cups full, hands shaking, while you fastened the bra clasps and turned yourself sideways in the mirror to see your ripe "breasts."

And then, you found the pantyhose. And the thigh-high stockings. And the garter belts. The feel of the whisper-thin nylon against your legs made you shiver with delight. And you dared to try one pair on, knowing that if you snagged and ran it, you would be in trouble, but you couldn't help it, you did it anyway. And you felt like such a SISSY when you got them on all the way! So feminine! So girly-girl! And then - you knew - you had to find the perfect high heels to go with them!

So you searched through closets and shoeracks and found the perfect heels, and you strutted around with your bra and your panties and your nylons and your high heels and you never felt so good, so free, so WONDERFUL in your life!

Blouses. Shirts. Sweaters. Slacks. Skirts. Shorts. Dresses. Nighties. Gowns. You were happy when you had a few hours to yourself and could put on your own fashion show. Thongs. Boy shorts. G-strings. Briefs. Bikinis. Hipsters. High-rises. The choices! The infinite choices!

And now, whenever you can, you feel this need, this undeniable desire, to feel that soft silkiness next to your skin again, and you love how feminine you feel when you put on your favorite garment - is it that old retro slip? Or the vintage girdle you found at the thrift shop? Or that evening gown you splurged on at your favorite Ebay store?

Perhaps you have gone further - breastforms, high heels, makeup, wigs, and maybe you have even begun taking hormones to give yourself real breasts and to change the contours of your body!

You have no one to share this excitement with! Your significant other would not understand or maybe you are single. Or maybe she does understand, but you need someone else to talk to about this deep-seated NEED to be a sissy.

I understand, I truly do. And I do not judge you. Together, we will explore this desire of yours, and we will find wonderful things for you to dress up in, and I will encourage you, and delightfully enjoy your sissification. And maybe even give you that push you are so desperately waiting for to take it one step further.

Call now, and let's have the fun begin! We have SO much to talk about! Girlie gurl things!

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