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The Dream Thief

Lose Your Wife and Your Life--Humiliation Assignmt

Lesson One: Who You Are
Listen, loser:
You and I both know you’re done with the façade. You’re a pathetic, dumb animal, and you deserve to live like one. You’ve probably been waiting your entire adult life to have the kinds of encounters you’ve found here on NiteFlirt—women who are perceptive and cruel enough to take advantage of submissive losers like you.

Instead, you were too weak. You followed the status quo. You married a woman who thought of you as “sensitive,” but you’ve noticed she doesn’t even pretend to want to fuck you any more. You were too weak to go after a woman you would’ve been genuinely able to worship and adore. You settled for someone friendly and tolerant, someone traditional. Someone who, like you, lived to uphold the status quo. So here you are: both of you caught in a loveless marriage and a life without passion or direction. Because she, unfortunately, is too much like you to leave you: chickenshit and directionless.

So you now have a mission. You’re going to free your wife. You’re going to force her to either leave you or to dominate you—-You’re going to teach her that she is superior by being the living embodiment of inferiority. You’re going to accept all the blame by creating situations that force her to look at who you really are. And here’s the beauty of this situation: This will free you to be yourself. You will probably be truly happy for the first time in your long, boring life.

All you’ve ever wanted was someone to control you, to guide you, to free you.
The future awaits you--My detailed plans include Humiliation Assignments and powerful insight in to your motives and those of the people around you.

Start with your job...

and end with your Wife.

Welcome to your new life, little beastie. A life of service and purpose. A life you have been seeking since your very first hard-on—probably when your big-tittied babysitter told you to shut the fuck up and go to bed. Maybe you didn’t understand why at the time, maybe you even felt ashamed…but suck it up, loser. You’ll never be happy in any position besides servant, and that will never change.
Lesson 2: Who You Will Be
You’re going to learn to serve women—and not selfishly. You’re going to be worth a damn, for the first time ever. And you’re going to be happy.

If your wife leaves you, you will learn to live like a pig, off of nothing, servicing the needs of the women who are unquestionably superior to you—STARTING WITH ME.

If your wife stays with you, she is displaying a previously hidden quality of dominance. You will serve her—you will be her pantry maid, her sugar daddy, her handyman…ANYTHING SHE WANTS.


Grease it up, porkchop

Quickie Assignments for Losers

Your New Life

So what if I fucked your boss, loser?

I am more intelligent than you. I am more beautiful than any woman you will ever touch. I am more sexually voracious, more passionate, and more precious than you can imagine.

The Dream Thief: Stealing Your Illusions