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About Princess Ivy

I am an intelligent and witty woman, with an inquisitive mind and a sharp eye. I study many things, and you can be sure that I have the ability to help you understand your deepest desires and needs, and the feelings these desires cause you to have. I am a patient teacher, within limits, (I understand you might just be a stupid male and NEED guidance).

Financial Domination is not My ONLY fetish, but it arouses Me when a pound of flesh is not available to bruise…it can give a mental high and almost unbreakable bond between Owner and slave that few things in cyber-land can ever hope to accomplish.

There are many imitators out there; many weak-minded girls who don't truly understand what Financial Domination is all about. They will take your money, but what benefit is that to you? You can give your money to anyone, but that's not what you want. You want to be controlled, you thrive on trying to attain the impossible, you long to serve a true Goddess...the intoxicating, intriguing, and glamorous Princess Ivy.

I have many qualities that distinguish Me from other “financial dommes.” First and foremost, I am educated and classy (not young and snobby). I have worked very hard for the luxuries in my life, so I know I deserve them. I believe that if you've been fed with a silver spoon your entire life, it's impossible to truly understand and relate to your slaves.

I am a truly fascinating woman. I lead an extraordinary life, having long ago broken free from feeling I should do the things that others expect Me to do. I don't live My life to please others or to do things the way others want Me to do them. Instead, I courageously (and yes, I do think it takes courage) let My own Perfect Goddess passions and interests be My life’s guide. Those passions are many (and ever changing), and it is a fascinating and an incredible privilege for My puppies to be able to be a small part of My amazing life.

Do you want to find out more about? I don't blame you! Call Me now, and pray that I want to talk to you.