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A Pretty Little Girl To Rape Your Fat Wallet

All You Are Good For Is Your Money
Just what are you going to do with all that money? You really are a piece of shit that doesn't deserve any of it. Thats why you need to give it to me. Buy me things, spoil me, pamper me....only to continually dissatisfy me.

I deserve every penny you work so hard for. You're lucky to even have the privlidge of talking to me. You're not worthy of my time or attention, so show me why I should give a crap about you and your pitiful life. Have you been trying to overcompensate for your lack of manhood by having a white collar job, expensive car and fat wallet? Well you don't have a cock, I'm going to take MY cock and rape that wallet until I've gotten all which I desire.

You will be expected to work for my attention. Feel free to give me tips, or ask me about my wish lists for you to purchase me gifts from. I'll even let you adopt my bills..... I have plenty of them.

So,you can live your pitiful life in your sad world, or you can make yourself useful and do something good for me.

Just remember, I wear the pants because you can't fill them.