Phone Sex

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Exclusively LYndiBLue's Chamber of Losers

 Come Play With Me. You know you want to...  I Want, and Need Your Money. You see, I have this trip coming up and YOU are going to pay for it!  You’re going to thank me for putting you into debt. Now when you are at work you can focus on me and you'll know LOSER that you’re really working for ME!

Now keep in mind, when you do eventually call me, and you WILL, you will probably bore me to tears, so I may watch tv, or do my nails while we chat. I may even put you on hold while I chat with my girlfriend. Better yet, I may even hang up on you if I'm so inclined. I may just IGNORE YOU!  You see it really depends on my mood. I can be a BITCH and I'm proud of it. SO, if you're looking for a sweet young thing to whisper tender lies in your ear, you are in for a shock!

 I set a price, we talk, and I will get to know you, and decide if you will be lucky to become, my sugar daddy. Of course I can't guarantee anything... It all depends on how far you are ready to go to please me, and how dedicated you will be to rewarding me for telling you the truth... and you know what that is. But you DO have to pay me to hear what I really think of you. I'm not giving it out for free after all! So, be prepared to TIP ME, AND TIP ME WELL!

You must earn the privilege to serve me more, and I'll tell you up front I have no patience for whiners who tell me they don't have the money. So get over it! If you can't afford me, then leave! 

Just so we understand each other... I will dominate you and You in turn will give me everything I demand of you and You will never tell me no! I will be your Mistress; the one you've always wanted .The one who will fulfill your wildest dreams, and your darkest nightmares.  I'll be the secret you keep from your wife or girlfriend. It will be Our Lil Secret. I am the One you have been searching for. Be Proud to serve me and spoil me. 

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