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Standing over a woman, her dress torn, and her eyes looking up to you voicelessly, pleading you... Maybe you have imagined being tied down roughly to the bed and being teased to the point of break by the woman of your dreams kissing and teasing along your flesh. My dreams are your dreams. Your fantasies are my fantasies. Let me in and you may never escape my lips...

You wander through the forest lost among the trees and foliage. You have been traveling for days without hope of finding your way home. Your surroundings begins to change as if you are wandering into a different world until finally you come to a rest at the foot of a tall tree letting your eyes close for but a moment... You awake to a song softly floating along the breeze sleep shaking loose from your mind as you follow the sound. You come to a clearing where you see what at first glance is a woman working a flower through her fingertips. As you come near you notices something different about her appearance. Her shape is more slender her curves ample but what surprises you most is her ears which stand several inches long and her delicate face that seems to glow before you. She steps back a look of shock on her innocent visage "Where did you come from human? Why are you here?" she asks in a trembling voice. She backs against the tree arms spread vulnerable to your advances...

"What do you plan to do with me?..."

So many of my fantasies left untold or unimagined. Be my hero as you rescue me from the clutches of my evil step father or maybe enjoy being my captive as I use you for my own enjoyment. Share with me your fantasy and maybe we can make a story of our own.

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