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You Are Formally Invited To Hand Over Your Wallet

That's right. You know who you are. You're the little pissant who spends his insignificant life worshiping women, like me, and wishing you could have a tiny taste of what the men worthy of my affection sink their teeth into on a daily basis. I intimidate you. You are emotionally and physically crippled when I walk by you, and the only thing you can do is turn red and stifle your yelps as warm cum spews from your cock in your pants, right there in front of me, and everyone else.

I laugh at you and point. I am fully aware of what just happened, and how I am responsible for emotionally crippling, and sexually incapacitating you. You bow your head, humiliated, and I keep laughing, pointing, and calling each one of my gorgeous girlfriends on my cell to tell them that a loser just creamed his man-panties in front of me.

You will never have this body. Your only job in life is to worship and pamper me. I am a piece of art who needs only be appreciated from a laughable distance by men who aren't worthy of my affection. The only thing you get from me is the honor of having me answer the phone when you call, laughing at your hideousness, and demanding that you go to your monotonous job every day, sit in your barren, cold and hum-drum office or cubicle, and collect your paycheck to pay Royalty taxes to me.

This line is for:

- Financial Domination
- Small Dick Humiliation
- Cuckolding
- Orgasm Denial
- Sissification
- Sensual Domination
- Cock and Ball Torture
- Forced Cocksucking
- Switch Submission

You will refer to me as "Duchess" at all times during our call, and you will ALWAYS roll out the red carpet for me, and expect to pay me a tip for taking the time to talk to you. I don't come cheap or free, and I will not play with myself, or moan and groan for you. That's your job to do for me, if I permit it.

If you want your Luscious Duchess to play with her royal cunt for you, you will have to pay the "Royal Masturbation Tax ". If I decide to deny you of an orgasm, you will have to pay the "Royal Loser Orgasm Permission Tax".

When you call my line, do be prepared to engage in a few minutes of small talk before getting down to business. This Duchess is not a mind-reader, and will need to know which approach to take with you, as losers come in all different shapes, sizes, and desires. If you're only interested in a three minute quickie, you're best to call one of the "my pussy is so wet" girls. This is not a game, and you will get what you pay for each and every time you call me.

All art galleries charge admission fees in order to view the masterpieces adorning the gallery walls. This Duchess is the finest piece of art you will ever encounter, and being as such, you will pay an admission fee to be granted permission to gaze upon my nude and triple x-rated Royal portraits.

If you whimper, whine, and prove yourself to be a sissy, you will be spanked, caned, sissified, and forced to take a Royal strap-on dildo up the quivering ass. The more you whimper, the harder the punishment and bigger the dildo.

Until we speak, you are dismissed.

Luscious Duchess

Payment is Due to Your Financial Dominatrix.

Invoice #1:

Invoice #2:

Invoice #3:

Invoice #4:

Been Denied of An Orgasm? Pay the Royal Cum Tax:

Want Duchess To Play With Her Royal Cunt? Pay For it:

Be A Worthy Slave And Pay For My Spa Pampering:

Common slaves Must Pay To See My Photos:

Buy Your Very Own Personal Humiliation Page:

Too much of a broke loser to pay my fees? Hehe, it sucks to be you!