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This recording is just a basic session to test how well you can be hypnotized by my technique. If you are not going to do a live session first, then this recording should be the very first recording you do before dipping into your fetish category.

This listing will not only test how well you go under but will also start to train your mind to my voice, tones, and technique. You will reach orgasm with this recording, but again the main purpose of this session is that it is a test to see how well you can by hypnotized. Most people can be hypnotized, only a rare few cannot be taken under.

Why can't some people be hypnotized?

For the most part, it's because they don't pay attention. They don't follow the simple instructions that I will later discussed. The other small percentage, very rare number of people, just don't have the mentality to open their minds to a new adventure. These people tend to micro-manage every aspect of their lives, and their sub-conscious is no different. Letting lose control is just something that is out of the question.

How does hypnosis work?

I'm not going to dazzle you with fancy words or try to confuse you with nonsense stories. In the simplest explanation possible, I take you into a relaxed state that allows me to dip into your mind. When we are realized, completely relaxed, our minds are open to new experiences

What do I need to do for the call?

These are the instructions I spoke about earlier, make sure you pay close attention to them.

  • For recorded sessions as well as live sessions, you will need to be completely nude unless I tell you otherwise. ( If feminization is something you enjoy, I may instruct you to wear certain garments and makeup or perfume)
  • You will need to be in your bed; if you cannot be in your bed, you need to be in a place, such as your sofa, that you easily fall asleep in.
  • You will need to be prepared to pay attention to me. Simple enough, right? You would think! Some people tend to pay attention to the voice in the back of their head instead of my voice. This will hinder your experience tremendously. That little voice is my enemy. It's going to fight against me and what I am doing unless you shut it off. It might take some practice, but for the most part people learn to turn it off eventually.
  • A quiet place. Sometimes this is easier said then done. I've found ways to work around the occasional noise, but if there is ongoing construction or sirens and alarms going off around you, you might want to wait until you have a better environment before you call. You will waste your money if you try to do a session with constant interruptions.

Do I need to be in a dark place?
What about a lit candle?

You do not need to be in a completely dark area. If you can relax in a lit place, you may do so. Your eyes will be closed, and as long as you don't have a direct light on your face you will be fine. As far as candles go, I don't go for the cheese-factor. I do have a candle hypnosis technique I use in special circumstances, but unless the candlelight soothes you, you can eighty-six it.

How do I know I'm under?

The exact sensation is different for everyone. Some people feel weightless, while others fell extremely heavy. You should at the very least feel completely relax. That's the basic sensation the mass majority of the people feel. How will you know for sure you have been hypnotized? Well, simply, you feel compelled to follow my every instruction. Not only can you not disobey me, but you don't have the urge to disobey me. Plus, the deeper you go, the more my voice sounds like it is coming from inside your head.

What if I don't feel like I was hypnotized?

More then likely, you were hypnotized but your ideas of what hypnosis is might be on the theatric side. There are no bells, no whistles, and I don't make you bark. Your only proof that I hypnotized you will be that mess somewhere near stomach.

What happens if this recording didn't in fact take me under?

It doesn't mean that you cannot absolutely be hypnotized. You may need to practice shutting off your inner voice, and when you can accomplish that you can try this recording again. Or it may just be it's as simple as I am not the right hypnotist for you. I have my own personal style, and maybe my style doesn't suit you ( I highly doubt that's the reason, ha ha, but if could be ). Don't give up if you truly want to be hypnotized, we can discuss what is best for you. I will either adjust my style or recommend another hypnotist.