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Stimulating Friendly Conversation with Trixie

A B O U T   M E:

My name is Trixie, I'm 40-something, and I run adult websites with my transsexual wife, Delia. Running a porn business online is interesting and rewarding (and of course, sexy), but it's also very demanding . . . . just like your job! Sometimes it's nice to just have someone to talk to without it being a big "sex" thing, you know? I also love to talk about sexuality on an intellectual level without all of the heavy breathing.

I have four years of college under my belt, including a number of classes and follow-up training in human relations. I can be an empathetic listener, an advisor, or an enthusiastic partner in a heated discussion -- any one or more of these roles could develop depending on you and your interests when you call.

T H E   P U R P O S E   O F   T H I S   L I S T I N G:

Through my adult work online I meet many interesting people and admirers, but rarely do I have time to get to know them one-on-one. While I love doing private webcam shows and phone sex, I don't have as much time these days to get all dressed up or give the kind of erotic energy and attention to serving my private customers in the ways they deserve, yet I still want to "connect" with them.

I decided to make a non-adult phone listing here on Niteflirt to provide you with the chance to talk to me without the pressure for me to "perform" AND without the higher prices I charge for adult services.

THIS IS NOT THE APPROPRIATE LISTING TO CALL FOR PHONE SEX, and if you try to engage me in phone sex, I will simply refer you to my adult listings and probably end the call if you continue to be naughty.

This *IS* the appropriate listing to tell me about yourself, your interests, your frustrations, your secrets, or whatever else you want to divulge. It is also a great line to call if you want insight into my world or to explore the ideas I share in my blogs and on my site. We can also giggle about the other webgirls we know and both like, and talk to each other about how cute they are!

Feel free to call me on this line if you just want a relaxing chat or a deeply intriguing discussion. I like to talk about gender issues, pop culture, spirituality, the challenges of being an entrepreneur, creative goals, books, sex work, health concerns, silly metaphysics, the sensual pleasure of food, and all sorts of things. We can talk about "stupid stuff", too, so give me a jingle and let's connect!


NOTE: Please remember that I am not interested in being propositioned for a "real life" relationship or meeting. While the connection we make online and over the phone IS real and may be charged with special energy and fondness for one another, it is totally unrealistic to believe my relationship with you will become unprofessional or that you will be "the one" out of thousands I encounter online for whom I will break the rules. While it's normal for you to entertain fantasies about me, please respect that line between fantasy and reality. I will not talk to folks who seem to develop ridiculous expectations or an unhealthy fixation on me, and in fact I will confront you regarding your dangerous behavior before blacklisting you from my customer list. You would not expect your doctor, lawyer, minister, or psychotherapist to see you outside of a professional context, so please afford me the same respect. Fall in love with me if you must, but just don't tell me about it or imagine I can reciprocate!!

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