Phone Sex

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I am truly honored to be considered for your service. I live only to serve You and Your desire. I am completely trained and ready to jump at your every command. As a submissive, it is my duty to serve my Master at all times.

It is my purpose and duty in life to serve, obey and please Him in every way possible. My foremost duty is obedience. Though I am flesh and blood, I am simply an object for pleasure. A possession and plaything for Master to pick up and put aside at his will.

He owns me and His will is my pleasure. Even my own pain and suffering, whatever he commands.

I come to You already knowing my place, I will always be at Your beck and call, day or night. No task is too far below me, I will humiliate myself in any fashion You see fit. I am highly sexual and willing to do anything to please You. In short I am a well-trained pet, in need of strong skilled Master, to use and control me.

It is my duty to ensure His pleasure at all times; both physically and mentally. This means ensuring that my body is ready at all times, my body belongs to Him. I must keep my body properly groomed and cleansed. I will be trained in the proper positions, techniques and activities that please my Owner.

I can perform all forms of sexual servitude. I require a Master with a firm grip. I would be honored to kneel at Your feet naked after a long hard day. I hope I can ease away all your tension and stress. Please Sir end my torment and make me your slave.

I have been thinking about new games we can play together. I am sure that you have some ideas too. There are hundreds of ways that I may have come into your service, what would be your favorite way? Could I be your naughty sex kitten secretary who lost some important papers or are you the professor that caught me cheating on an exam? How would I get you to keep my secret? I am open to whatever kinky suggestion you can come up with. Call me and we can talk all about it. Am I a concubine or a courtesan or your lady of the evening? Imagine Your sweet submissive on her worthless knees, ass cheeks spread, just waiting for Your cock to slide deep into her ass. Feel how tight it is, how wet it is and it is waiting just for You Sir.