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Payton 25

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Blackmail Application

I believe that blackmail is a very VERY powerful game of manipulation which I intend to do to you in order to get what I WANT AND COULD CARE LESS OF YOUR WANTS OR NEEDS! I am not here for you now am I the only thing I am here for is ME and also to get some laughs while I blackmail your ass to nothing!

I will use any and all discreditable information that I can think up against you and extort every last dime until I have sent you into total ruins.I will make up completely false information about you and tell your wife your neighbors your co workers who ever will listen to RUIN YOUR LIFE UNLESS YOU DO AS I SAY!

It's important for you to understand that there are not any limits, not any type of safe words and absolutely NOTHING is off limits and I will use any kind of intimidation to cause your world to fall apart unless you do EXACTLY as I say! This is true blackmail and when you are blackmailed if you dont do as you are told WHEN you are told BAD THINGS HAPPEN !

I CARE ABOUT TAKING YOUR MONEY, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY!I could give two shits if your kids are wearing last years old shoes to school or you are having to dig through a dumpster for food All I care about is getting into your head and taking every damn penny you have.

Your only desire in life is going to be to make me happy and give me what I need or things about you will come out and ruin your life.

Why Do I Charge More you ask ? Well that my dear is VERY Simple I'm Entitled to more and of course I am worth more like I have said before take a look at these FAKE GIRLS WITH STOLEN PICTURES I AM FUCKING REAL AND I AM FUCKING WORTH IT .

Do not piss me off I am a money hungry bitch who could care less about anything about you , For all I care you can live under a fucking bridge when I am done with you I DONT CARE!! You are my toy and I will blackmail you until I am done and only I am done or when you are homeless which ever comes first.

Get your wallets out and dont forget those credit cards you dick sucking cunt. The point is you should feel HONORED to pay my bills !

If you dont give me what I want and all you have YOU WILL BE BLOCKED . You inbred cock sucker !!
Blackmail application 15.00

Blackmail Application


1. You will serve only me, exclusively.All sissy boys, money piggies, and money slaves are obligated to serve on My terms.

2. Don t lie. Liars can never redeem themselves. Second chances are very costly. My slaves should be honest with me.

3. Every person in your life, your woman, friend, family, parents, etc, have no importance compared with my smallest wish. If you cannot understand and deal with this, you will be dismissed.

4. Without an initial Tribute, you'll have a difficult time getting My attention.

5. Just work, work and work. Concentrate on how you can give me even more money. In this way you will be fulfilling your duty as a slave and maybe one day I may consider you for inclusion in my list of preferred slaves.

6. You should address me only if you are respectful and eager to be in a submissive position and have a perfect education.

7. A slave defines his status by making regular payments to me, as I may direct.

8. The following concepts are crucial in your service to me, else I will deem you a fake: honesty, punctuality, dependability, patience, solvency and modesty.You will ask yourself daily whether you measure up to these principles.

9. My orders are not to be questioned. If I give them, I have thought fully about what I expect of you, and whether I can really demand this of you in your circumstances as you have revealed to me. You will trust me completely,because it is submission to this extent that I require of a slave.

10. And so to my final rule. He who appeals to me without honestly wishing, and realistically being able, to proceed in full readiness and acknowledgment of these my rules , not as a paying slave but as a whining slave, goes immediately on ignore.