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Rachel Sadie

Giving losers BLUE BALLS! **# 1 DICK TEASE :-P**

High Class and High Maintenance..Sexy and Single..Vibrant and Virgin..Out of control and Out of Your League!

18 years old and a complete dominating bitch! Want to worship my pure and innocent body like all the other men who have been denied by me? Of course you do! I'm selfish, self-centered, and cruel. Don't call me expecting for a kind, sweet, gentle little girl. All you men on Keen are beneath me, and if you step out of line, I'll crush you. All that is needed from you is your money. If you get turned on and need to release, don't hang up! Just put yourself on mute so I don't have to hear you moan and groan.
So fish out your wallets, and send some of your hard earned money my way. If our call gets interrupted by Keen telling you to add more money, do it quickly, because the longer I'm put on hold, the more you pay later!

I bet you're imagining yourself popping my cherry right now! Too bad, you're not on my level.


You wanna cum? Then pay up you fucking bitch!

You want my precious time? Then pay up you stupid queer!

You want what you truly deserve? Then pay up you pathetic loser, and sit there and wish that hell is freezing over and I'm going to talk to you!

So, stop being a scared little pussy ass bitch and call. Just know that it's your loss if you don't call! But then again, you probably can't afford me anyway. Let me guess, still living with your mommy? HaHa.. you're such a LOSER!