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You're not worthy to feel my wrath

When the loving Dom looks and sees the sub before him and listens as she speaks her words to her Master. Speaking that she comes before him to find and experience that which is missing. He shall lift her chin up with his firm hand and instill the values she has lost within herself. He shall comfort her worth and feel for her inner soul.She is not a lost soul, lost in day to day life. Rather a lonesome one who has suppressed her needs for whatever reasons. He must guide her for it is "her". Her pleasure to her Master is what she wants to give, yet, the Master must be ready to receive. It is her sensuality that brings her here......her desire to be free and feel new things. The loving Dom must first accept that. Without that knowledge he has no hope. As she may kneel and exposes her inner being, He must also realize that she is a real human being in search of many new things...She cries ...She laughs...She exists...She wants to learn...Yet she too, can be hurt. Not just physically, but, emotionally.It is her honesty he must cherish...And her needs fulfilled. She gives her body not as a mere toy. She gives in trust that her master will teach and guide her to satisfy her needs.This is what she seeks. She is real and is fragile, and, any mistrust will destroy. She can be hurt and cry real tears, not in pleasure but in sorrow........For her trust is sacredly given to nourish. This alone is what he must see.