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Beggar Girl

I'll even let you fuck my feet

This is really embarrassing, I feel so small and humbled. But listen, humility can be a good thing for a girl my age. I'm 19, and until recently was a very bratty and demanding little bitch. That is until my parents kicked me out for being such a brat. I can't believe they did this to me.

Now I'm desperate for money. I will do what it takes to get cash. I am so poor and broke, I have to pay my tuition all on my own, and I have had mono for the past 2 months so I couldn't work.

Please help me!

I can do whatever you want to get you off.
If you're a sugar daddy I can suck your dick after you take me shopping.

I can beg like a good girl too. I know how that turns you on to hear a sweet young girl like me begging for money. Just imagine the kind of power you could hold over me with that.

But if you're one of those pathetic losers who needs a strong woman to keep you in line I can do that too. I am a Princess after all.

If you just want to have phone sex I would love to. Might as well get off to take my mind away from all my financial problems.

I'm only 19 and already I'm faced with living on the streets and all this money trouble.

you're not going to leave me cold like my parents did, are you?