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Enable My Shopping Addiction - This trips on you!

Oh, can't you just imagine hobbling behind Me in your red pumps and stockings, desperately trying to keep up as I march through the mall with your credit card in My perfectly manicured hand? I glare at you angrily when you drop one of the dozen stuffed shopping bags on the floor, and you cower and plead for forgiveness. Awkwardly, you gather the bags once again, and blot your lips together in hopes that your lipstick isn't smeared by your grimacing. I snicker at your attempt, and briskly disappear into yet another store. How much longer can you take this exquisite torture?

This line is exclusively for those piggies who are to be My little shopping bitch. Here you can chat with Me while I shop, but only if you are picking up the bill!
Required duties are as follows:
  • Have enough in your account to discuss where I will spend your money.
  • Immediately send a gift certficate of measurable value to begin shopping with.
  • Purchasing items directly from My wishlists is permitted upon approval.
  • Complete worship, pampering and ass-kissing is Mandatory!
  • I may allow you to send cash and talk to Me on My cell while I venture out to spend it.
Click here for My Amazon wishlist. Ask for Neiman Marcus and Macy's wishlists.

So many packages, so little time...

Fuck you, loser. I am going off shopping with your money. So just put up, shut up, and be grateful that I even allow you this priviledge!