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Pay homage to this young sadistic Mistress

ABOUT ME: I am 5'5 with brown hair that used to be to mid ass but is only to my hips now, after my hairstylist thought itd look better 6" shorter rather than the 4" I had told her to cut off.
I have blue and yellow eyes. I like money and I enjoy being able to buy what I want when I want.
I like to hurt males and make them cry, I like to humiliate them and watch them squirm. I am a nice person but I have a mean streak, I do have a boyfriend and he is the only person I fuck!
You will NOT get sex from Me! I will laugh and humiliate you and ignore your pathetic little attempts to impress me.


Laughing at dumbasses. Humiliating and hurting both males and females.
Money and gifts, raping wallets is always fun. I like shaggy hair on a hairless body. I prefer my slaves slim or slightly toned but I am very open. I have a couple extreme fetishes that I only share with a select few.


I hate hairy slaves and flabby ones, wallets are the only things I like fat! If you want nudes go to a porn site. I deal only in face and clothed body pictures. I am not a prostitute nor a pornstar you have NO chance with me in RL. You give me your money and I spend it! I don't want your little puny dick, I want your money!

*I do NOT have phone sex if you wish to call me you'd had better show respect!*

If you want pain call me. I will tell you what to do and how to do it. If you just want to call and masturbate go right ahead I will laugh at you while you do it but don't expect me to talk dirty to you! If you just want to be ignored call me while I listen to music, watch tv, or play video games, and you talk or play with yourself

Female Slaves Welcome!! I do love women!! ((I actually prefer them))