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You're too scared to call me live. It's ok.
I understand... hahahah... but frankly,.
you disgust me, you make me sick, and I hate you!
Listen to this recording and find out what it's like
to hear my sharp wit and cunning tongue tear you to shreds!
You're beneath me, worthless, sigh... pathetic.
I've trapped you in my silken web,
you're helpless and loving it!
You are my slave because it's your destiny,
you were born to be at my feet.
Meek, weak and forever lost in a sea of ecstatic worship.
Call me, beg me to hurt you in ways that
only a high maintenance, greedy nymph can!
I thrive on sucking the life out of weak dicked men like you!

Go ahead, let your curiosity get the better of you!
Hey boob zombies & jerk junkies!

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Join my Lab Rat List for humiliation experiments and case studies!

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