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The compulsion to confess is simply irresistible.

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If confessing sounds dangerous, consider the damage repression can do.

Long before I decided to study psychology, I was fascinated by what drives people, what motivates them, what keeps them up at night. I was about 15 when i began spending long nights listening to the men in my life confess their darkest secrets - from forbidden thoughts about their best friends' wives, to taboo fetishes that would make their girlfriends blush, to simple confessions that made them feel... perhaps "cleansed" is the right word? A mind plagued by guilt is never at ease... and guilt is so rarely worth stressing over when you think about it.

Friends, lovers, and strangers have always had an easy time talking to me... trusting me. Perhaps it's that I'm pretty nonjudgemental. Hard to shock. Harder to horrify. I'm very real, very bright, and genuinely interested in what plagues the minds of ordinary and extraordinary men. When you're ready to get it off your chest, let's talk. Roleplay your fantasy... exchange fantasies with me... play confession games... devise a fitting punishment for your sins. Even if you'd like advice or just a willing ear to talk to, I'm always a little excited to hear about the things that live in the darker corners of your mind.

So confess. And whether you deserve to soothed or punished, you'll feel so much better.

Call if you're bright and respectful. The vapid need not apply.

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