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Drain Your Wallet For Princess Amy

Limited time only, SPECIAL RATE: $5.00 per min

I am self-centered, and my world revolves around me. I love shopping I can always find a place to spend your cash at any time of the day.
I am not here for your entertainment, you are here for MINE What's Mine is Mine, and what's yours will always be MINE.
you will do what entertains ME, whenever, wherever, and however I see fit.
All that matters is my happiness and that I get whatever my perfect ass wants.
You were put here to be my little cash slave You'll suffer for me and pay my bills.
You aren't worthy of My time unless you are paying for it
I love shopping, spending money and getting gifts. I do and say whatever I want to get my way.
I do not care about you at all! You are NOTHING to Me, but another wallet to drain!

We all know I deserve your money WAY more than you do. You’re lucky I even give you the time of day.
You know you CRAVE the feeling, and vision of me taking your money,
and yet you STILL keep coming back for more!.

The sad thing for you, is that this is the only way on earth you would ever have my attention..
The only pleasure or excitement you will ever give me, will be from giving me your hard earned blood, sweat and tears..
You probably work REALLY hard, in a shitty minimum-wage job, just to keep my in a lifestyle that I have become more
than accustomed to… in fact, you probably hate your job so much that I motivate you just to stay there..
because you know just how excited I get when I drain you of your money..
Always remember, it’s not you that excites me…it’s the money. Your suffering satisfies YOUR needs,
but more importantly – my GREED and my love of the finer things in life..
Now doesn’t that feel amazing?.

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max out credit cards, and suck bank accounts dry, all for My pleasure. losers wallet get rapped & d r a i n e d.and getting what I want!

Let me know when you call if you want me to Raise The Rate

I love human ATMs, financial slaves, and being showered with gifts!
I love taking money from pathetic lowlifes like you and I can't wait to suck your wallet dry...
Making you go broke is MY goal. I will take great pleasure in draining every last cent from your bank account

You'll suffer for me and pay my bills. You aren't worthy of My time unless you are paying for it ...
have that credit card out and ready to be used!!!!
Open up your wallet and give me what I want.your job is to do WHATEVER it takes to make My life easier!

You will get an email from UsedByPrincessAmy My other account
I will send out weekly loser mail every week on Sunday

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