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Drain Your Wallet For Princess Amy

Most of my Links or buttons are PAY TO VIEW mean you pay to view them
Don't click if you're not going to pay I will Block you and you will have to pay PRINCESS AMY UNBLOCK FEE

:**NOTE Call again and again so you the bitch that you are can continue to deposit MORE into MY account!!!***:
Your never gonna be worth my time LOSER...So just call me and give me your money ...What Will You Do for MY attention

I am self-centered, and my world revolves around me. I love shopping a lot, and I can always find a place to spend your cash at any time of the day.

Become My human atm machine... Financially Fucking you Over you will become My living a$$et

I am not here for your entertainment, you are here for MINE What's Mine is Mine, and what's yours will always be MINE.

I am a Greedy bitchy evil, bossy, bitchy, Financial Domination Wallet Raping Princess ready to ruin you and who will take everything you own! I will have you by the balls I always get what I want I don't care what you have to do to get it If I have to pimp you out you will get it.When I say NOW it better be NOW .. I will intimidate you, taunt you, and humiliate the CRAP out of you

you will do what entertains ME, whenever, wherever, and however I see fit. I will control you. I decide what's best for will no longer think. you will do as you are told with no questions asked.

Maxing out all your credit cards..Princess Amy Loves turning wealthy men into bankrupt losers

All that matters is my happiness and that I get whatever my perfect ass wants. You were put here to be my little cash slave You'll suffer for me and pay my bills.You aren't worthy of My time unless you are paying for it

I love shopping, spending money and getting gifts..I do and say whatever I want to get my way.I do not care about you at all! You are NOTHING to Me, but another wallet to drain!

Here's a list of things I'm willing to talk about:

raise UR rate,Raise the Rate,Wallet Raping,Pay to Stroke,Shopping with your $$$,pay to view email games, tribute game, pay piggies,human ATM, Pathetic Bitch Boys,PAY-TO-VIEW, Live PTVs Games,oinking losers,Wallet Zombie's,Tribute to Stroke and Cum Game,Watching on Cam,WALLET CONTROl, FinSubs and FinSlaves for shopping trips, Humiliation, rape wallets, max out credit cards, and suck bank accounts dry, all for My pleasure. losers wallet get rapped & d r a i n e d.and getting what I want!

You'll suffer for me and pay my bills.You aren't worthy of My time, unless you are paying for it ...have that credit card out and ready to be used!!!!

Open up your wallet and give me what I want.your job is to do WHATEVER it takes to make My life easier!

I love human ATMs, financial slaves, and being showered with gifts!
I love taking money from pathetic lowlifes like you and I can't wait to suck your wallet dry...
Making you go broke is MY goal.I will take great pleasure in draining every last cent from your bank account

Last Updated : Jan.10, 2018
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