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Therapist Hypnotic Natalie

Your Personal Erotic Hypnotic THERAPIST!

Read at your own risk.

I want you to sit down on my couch and tell Me all about you. But first, let me tell you all about Me. I’m a hypnotist and a therapist. Yes, I deal with people who come from all walks of life with all sorts of needs for different therapy. I am a trained psychologist with a background in hypnotism, and I just happen to have a passion for erotic stories, fantasies, etc. Basically, I’m the bad girl at night and professional by day.
What I am more interested in is your erotic issues, thoughts and desires.
Are you curious who exactly comes to my therapy sessions?
*Hypnotic Junkies
*Transformative Fantasies - (Turned into a woman, etc)
*Guided Masturbation
*Lucid Dreaming
*Addictions (Either reversing or making it worse)
*Body Worship
*Financial Domination
My job is to strip you down naked - your mind. So come to my office, sit down and tell me your thoughts, fantasies, stories and from there, I will assess you and take over. As of late, I have come across those who see my listing on Niteflirt, and come to me being “sincere” in needing help with their financial domination, or phone sex addiction. Turns out, some were not sincere at all and expected me to read their minds in their “cry for help” - wanting me to be an evil therapist who takes their info and uses it against them in the said “therapy session”. That said, I have no issues in playing out your fantasy, or even doing hypnosis to make your addiction stronger, thus, spinning you in my web even deeper. The problem that I see is my inability to read your mind. If you are genuinely looking for therapy (as this is what I do in my day job, I see clients who have real issues, addictions, etc), then, you must let me know with sincerity, up front. How I intend to handle such requests and crys for help is to take the darker road - meaning, if you don’t tell me you genuinely need help - then, I will use it against you. If you have issues with financial domination - I will make them worse unless you STATE upfront, with clarity, you need serious help. I have gladly helped those with issues recover, and I have gleefully toyed with your fetishes - making them worse. Which road you want to take is up to you. If your session didn’t go as you intended because you did not communicate, then, clearly, this is your issue that you need to further investigate inside your own head. Then come to me. Also, nothing is more frustrating to a Mistress and a psychologist than those who don't want to talk. To simply say "I want to be controlled, or I am submissive.." and not describe what you mean by that can lead to a road of miscommunication. If you don't know what kind of submissive you are, then let's explore that and we will figure it out !
xoxox Mistress Natalie

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