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Naughty Little Emily

Pandoras Box Of Extreme Humiliation

Look at it. LOOK AT IT YOU SPINELESS LITTLE TOAD. What would I do with that…pick popcorn from my teeth? Don’t get too excited cuz that’s as close as you’ll get to sliding it over my lips!!! But since I do have a heart (and a somewhat jaded since of humor) I’ll let you eat my pussy… but only AFTER it’s been filled by the cum from a REAL cock. Don’t look so shocked and disgusted. I know it won’t be the first time you’ve tasted cum. After all you DO lick your fingers after you make that weenie willy spit out, don’t you!!! If you’re a really good boy you may fuck me… ooops … sorry… that was a typo…I meant I may fuck YOU… hahaha. In spite of everything, I still think you deserve all the pleasure of a twelve inch cock…up your ass that is….heeheehee!!! Had ya goin’ for a minute, didn’t I. On top of everything else you’re not very bright. Admit it! For a second you thought there was a possibility you would get a chance to rub your nub between these pink lips. Not in this lifetime hamster dick. I like them big and hard… not hardly big!!! Don’t worry, I know you’re not completely useless. After all any knob can be a crap catcher , a bust duster and a VA-CUUM. So stop sniveling and whining and suck it up…SUCK it ALL up. I want all you panty boys to drop your cocks and grab your socks and cum on over to see how a REAL man stuffs a wild assed bitch!!!