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Bunny Cleaver

Sex and psychic advice from senior Female Psychic

I am Madame Bunny Cleaver, 62 years young, of pure unadulterated pleasure and psychic abilities, and since I have an extensive psychic and sexual background. Nothing shocks me, I can and will help you with your sexual, marital, financial, business or relationship problems. I have psychic ability , so I can help you in ways that some others cannot. I do very accurate Tarot readings over the phone, if you are interested in that, let me know, and have one question ready that you will concentrate on (do not tell me what it is).

I'm very honest, understanding and compassionate. I will not ridicule you or laugh at you, unless it is to help you understand that most things in life are funny. I have a positive attitude and believe that anyone that wants help should be helped. Give me a call, you won't be disappointed. I've been doing this for over 30 years, and so far, I'm pretty close to 100% accurate. If you follow my advice and listen to what I say, if it doesn't work, I'll work out a discount for your next call to figure out what went wrong. You must be totally honest with me (even if it puts you in a bad light). I won't judge you, I'm here to help, not to judge!

I'm compassionate and passionate, and I know what women want from men that they generally don't get, as well as what men want from women that they don't get. I can help you get what you want, or get the love back that you once had with someone. Tell me your story, I'm very discreet and will be honest with you, although not harsh, unless you feel like you need the harsh treatment, and then we'll explore the reasons why and how to go about getting what you want from the person that you want. I have numerous highly acclaimed recommendations from high ranking officials in the U.S. Government, as well as overseas.
I am internationally renowned as an excellent palm reader and psychic extraordinaire. I'm worth every penny you spend with me and then some. If you are not satisfied then leave me an email, and we'll discuss how we can turn that around. I'm going to be brutally honest with you and I will require total honesty from you in order to help you the the best I can. Don't try and hide anything from me. I will sense there is something that you are hiding and it will make it harder for me to give you satisfaction like that.

I will generally be on line most of the time, and if I am not on line when you want me, arrange a time with me by email and we'll make an appointment. I will be on line almost 24 hours a day all week long. Call me. You will not be disappointed.