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Silken-voiced storyteller and hypno-temptress

I am KR Silkenvoice, sometimes called Silken. I am a sybarite, a sensualist, and a storyteller.

I write and record erotic stories and hypnosis sessions. My mission is to create a safe space for people to vicariously explore their sexuality, their fantasies, and the sensual immediacy of their inner- and outer- lives.

I have made a name for myelf as a writer and narrator of erotica since 2005. A self-described polyamorous bisexual female, my work is thoughtful, provocative, and imaginative, and addresses a wide range of sensual, erotic, and adult sexuality topics. My voice is hypnotic and sexy, and I spin each fantasy at a languid pace that lulls the listener into a spell-binding web of sensuality and desire.

My stort story Where The Women Are has been published in the anthology Wetter: More True Lesbian Sex Stories. Another short story, Picnic Beneath the Willow, is awaiting publication in the anthology The Longest Kiss from Mojocastle Press. My erotica has been awarded two Editor's Picks on Literotica, and will appear in Clean Sheets in February 2009.

I am a bi-sexual female with a wide range of experiences and interests, including (but in no way limited to) erotic massage, sex therapy and coaching, bondage, domination and submission, and fetish play. I also have a large collection of sex toys, ranging from something as simple as a glass dildo to a hi-performance sybian fucking machine.

If you have a fantasy that you want written or recorded, send me a mail.
If you have a desire to be hypnotized or to enjoy fantasy fulfillment over the phone, schedule an appointment.
If you are interested in sex-positive counselling or sex therapy, please schedule an appointment.
Appointments can usually be accommodated M-T-Th-F between 11am and 6pm Pacific time.

Sample/excerpt: You are on the phone and I cannot resist. I am drawn to the sound of your voice, just like the cat, and just as predisposed to purr as she is. You are sitting in your chair, staring sightlessly at the computer monitor as you talk.

'Ah, good,' I think, 'its not work-related.' I long to touch you and I do so, running my fingers over your bare shoulders and down your chest.

In response, your fingers clasp my wrist, and squeezing firmly, lift my hand away. Your other hand gestures impatiently, signalling 'leave me alone'. I am miffed by your response, I admit it. I pull my hands away and move around the chair to straddle your legs, trapping them between my own. You give me an intense almost-glare and continue your conversation, your eyes flashing warnings at me. Which I ignore, of course.

I sit on the edge of your desk and prop up one of my legs by placing my foot on the arm of your chair. You shoot me an angry look but your eyes are caught by the sight of me slowly easing the skirt of my sundress up my thigh. I run my fingers along my smooth-shaven legs, up over my knee and then down along the underside of my thigh. My fingers brush the crotch of my panties and I shiver and moan. My nipples are suddenly hard and long, and I can feel a surge of moisture both inside me and around my clit.

You lean back in your chair a bit, easing your hips forward, drawing my eyes to the bulge growing there. Good. I am tempted to drop to my knees and pull you out, but you've pushed me away once and I don't want it to happen again, so I rest my right hand behind me and lean back against it, supporting myself. I run a finger along my panties, massaging my clit through the cloth barrier, trying to push my finger inside me. Very soon, my panties are soaked. I bring my hand up to my pubis and slide my fingers under the cloth, teasing the soft, shaved skin of my mound and labia...