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Lose yourself in the sound of my voice

You want my hair!

You sit on the floor in front of me, watching as I carefully pull the pins from my hair. The coils are mounded seemingly randomly on the back of my head, invisibly attached to my scalp from beneath. It seems as though you would be able to reach out, touch it lightly and have the coils slip down and unwind.

With my right hand I set down the brown plastic pin. I let go of the mass of coils with my left hand and they fall down and bounce, settling into a single coil that reaches almost to my knees. I tease apart the rope, releasing the hair from the coil, and taking a comb, begin combing at the bottom. An inch or so at a time the comb climbs higher up, until is glides through my hair from the scalp down to my knees.

I smile and bend over forward, letting my hair now fall across your face, the strands like finest spider silk. On my hair you smell my fragrance and my scent, and it draws you into the auburn cloud. You feel like you could suffocate and die a happy death...


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