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Could a powerful woman change... everything?

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For the right price, even YOU can feel important!

...but let's be honest: you're NOT important. If you were,
you wouldn't be sitting there thinking about how you
wish you could afford a hypnotic beauty like myself.
Wonder what it would take to enter the room with me on
your arm? LOL! Give me one reason why should I be seen with you?

Keep your bratty princesses - I'm too dignified
to whine and wheedle. I'm VIP room, high fashion, and
way too posh for you. You're one hope of getting personal:
keep me in luxury. And tip well because I
have a million things to take care of once I'm through
with your sorry ass.

Cuckholds - your wife doesn't deserve your hard earned cash but I do. Voyeurs This show isn't free. Monetary demands will be made - often.

Fulfill your one true role: my silly little jackass quivering with joy at the privilege of funding my next shopping trip.

If you'd like to get my attention immediately - send a tribute to prove that you're serious and not some dimwit loser who doesn't understand the concept of financial domination.

I look forward to pulling your life apart from the inside. You're a passenger on this ride and you'll be so captivated, there's really nothing you can do about it.

Call if you're bright and respectful. The vapid need not apply.

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Erotic Hypnosis:
Sensual guidance on an erotic journey.

Erotic Bedtime Stories:
Mother never read you a story this way... any story you like.

Female Dominant Oral Sex:
Your mouth. My pleasure.

My Ignore Line:
You're not worth my time. See what is.

Advice and Confessions:
Helpful advice. Hurtful punishment. Intelligent conversation.

Financial Domination:
Pay up if it's really all you're good at.
Momma needs a new whip to flog you with.