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Fuck a princess I am a Goddess, and a true gold digger. Want to be financialy Dominated? Well look No further, I have the Beauty, Brattyness, and Bitchyness. How could it ever get any better than that? (the answer) It cant! I am the best and I am a Goddess and You will address Me as such! Kiss My Goddess Toes!
I have always been a brat considering I am the baby in the family, and I always get what I want! I am Gods gift to the Y chromosome! Haha! And you are going to hand that $$$$ Over bitch!
Here Piggy Piggy Piggy!
fuck you pay Me Just to let you know that if you think you are going to be telling Me "Goddess, I have no money right now..." Then you are sadly fucking mistaken!!!! Empty Pockets and shallow wallets can go somewhere else! Like that other girl who is going to beg for your money, or talk to you about your Pathetic little dick and getting it off.. Because I WONT! I am above that shit!! Do I expect you to probably get off just listening to My soft Beautiful voice? Well yes, But I am NOT going to sit and have a conversation to try and get you off! I dont CaRe!! I am a Gold Digger and Wallet Raper To the fullest! And Gosh Im so beautiful while I am doing it! =)

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