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Mindfcktress Kara

Feminized out of your tormented little head..

is how I like you!
The sad fact is that you've always been one cock slap on the face away from becoming a fagged out, dick-wrecked sissy?
Before you decide to wax philosophical about the fluidity of gender in western society or whatever else you tell yourself to get to sleep at night...DON'T! My mind is already made up about you and where I want you to be.

I can tell you just how much I'm going to tease,torment, and destroy all of your little unnecessary masculine feelings, but you'll ALWAYS come crawling back for more. I'm 100% driven by my wants. What do I want? That's guaranteed to change from minute to minute, so just try and keep up.


I love using both edges of that benevolence sword, so here's something resembling cliff's notes for cocksnot-craving sluts to-be like yourself: If I'm making you feel good,loved and accepted it's only because it's a means to an end!

I've got huge,humiliating plans for you!. The first one is to violate the hole. Am I talking about My two new favorite strap-on holsters that you just happen to permanently wear? No, I'm talking about the new you. Body and mind, you're going to be My new hole: a bottomless pit of neverending sexually depraved entertainment. All of your notions of self-worth and concepts of restraint are just road blocks to what I want.

I'm not here to be your friend...
I don't care about your giggly little he-bitch crushes on the guys YOU JUST KNOW your Wife or Girlfriend is fucking!
I'm just here to take advantage of a weak little fag boy who wants to be a girl.
Well I can make it happen... but you have to do your homework!!

Mandatory Assigntments
  • Sissy Exploitation 101
  • Glory Hole Field Trips
  • Sex Toy Review
  • Hygiene & Presentation
  • Panty Raid

What do you
and the Life Management Agreement
have in common?

Nothing! It swallows blackmail and you are going to swallow black males.

Spoil Me? That's hilarious you think you could ever do that.
This is only for the most bottomed out,and the most well used.
Click the button.Deprive yourself.Repeat.

I like a nice, drawn out burn and you should too.

Start slowly and wait for the response messages

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