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Cuckold Princess RULES your world!!

Cuckolds, tiny dicks and now to CONFESS!

Hello there, loser :) know by now that you're a TOTAL fucking loser. You do know that...don't you? *Giggles* Are you a cuckold? Maybe a secret panty boy? Maybe even an "in the closet" cocksucker? Are you? Well then, great! Nice to meet you! I LOVE stupid little losers like you! Sound too good to be true? That's cause it is..... The reason I like you is NOT because of that pathetic little worm between your legs that you like to call a cock.

I am NOT your typical mistress! I love guys like you cause I love to hear ALL of your silly little sissy secrets. I love hearing all about your fantasies. I love to make you explore fantasies you haven't even thought of yet. I love to get inside your head and make you think of only ME. I want ALL of you. And hey~who's going to teach you all about what a girl REALLY wants, if not me? SOMEONE has to teach you that sexy girls don't want anything to do with your tiny lil shrimp dick. :)

You don't deserve an explanation...cause you're most definitely NOT a real man. *Giggles* But, just so you know....calling me is kind of a mix between Mistress, sexual confessional, humiliation, and financial domme all rolled into one. I TOLD you I was too good to be true, didn't I? :) My needs will become your needs. Your secrets will become MY secrets. Your money will become (of course!) MY money. And I will rule your every thought. My needs come first, ALWAYS. Because I can. Because I LOVE it. Because I deserve it. And know as well as I do that you have nothing better to spend your cash on! You know you have no life.....and you know I'll get your cash out of you one way or another! (I ALWAYS get what I want...silly man.)

So let me giggle at you, and tease you...and torment you...and own you. Just get used to it! I OWN YOU NOW. *Giggles* Call me now. Let's begin.