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Dear pathetic losers,

What you CRAVE is to be owned, to be used by a CRUEL GODDESS. What you DESERVE is to be punished for your filthy, nasty behavior and deviant thoughts. I AM NOT NICE. I AM NOT A SWEET, KIND WOMAN. I am a MAN BEATER, MAN EATER, MAN MANIPULATOR. I make NO excuses for my desires to USE AND ABUSE you.

LISTEN UP BITCH: Obeying MY desires is the greatest pleasure and reward you will receive in your pathetic loser life. You will be grateful to speak to me, to amuse me, to be under my spell. Are you worthy enough to worship me?

For years, I have been abusing and using... submissives, sissies, cocksuckers, pathetic losers, pantywhores, cumcravers and cumdrinkers, culkolds, crossdressers, pain sluts, whores and pussy sluts. I have LOVED every minute of it!!! I discovered my penchant for domination and abuse with a submissive boyfriend I had on my hands. I realized that through cruel and strict punishments, he was molded into the fuck whore I desired. Since that time, I have trained, tortured, dominated, whored, prostituted, ignored, mistreated, blackmailed and punished many boys, each experience a tribute to my FEMALE SUPERIORITY. I am a BEAUTIFUL GODDESS and must be treated as such. You WILL bestow gifts upon ME in appreciation of MY beauty, MY cruelty, and MY time and attention to your filthy, discusting, sissy slutty thoughts and desires. know it makes your worthless life complete to serve someone as BEAUTIFUL as me- so spread your legs, get out your toys, and break open that wallet to serve me. Your reward is the satisfaction of pleasing ME.

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Out of the kindness of my Goddess heart, I've created this for true submissive Losers like you. The ones that can't get hard or cum without being told exactly how pathetic they are, and how tiny their pathetic cock is. Call Me - Say the right thing, make my day, and then submit and become my little abuse toy! Nothing would make me happier than reminding you how fucking PATHETIC YOU ARE

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My menu of Expertise:
  • Verbal Blast Humiliation
  • Financial Domination
  • Learn from a REAL man, Cuckolding
  • Designer Sissy Makeover Feminization
  • Destroying you via Blackmail
  • Tease And Denial BLUE BALLS
  • Princess Worship Training
  • Cock And Ball Torture playtime

1-800-TO-FLIRT followed by extension: 01935269.
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