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You've always felt just a bit different than the rest of the boys, haven't you?

MP3 Frequently Asked Questions #1 $3

While your male friends were drooling over beautiful girls in tight jeans and fuck me shoes you were drooling over the shoes. While your friends were figuring out ways to get in her pants you were hoping for a chance to steal her panties. not to sniff them but to wear them.

For some they had someone to show them the way. I was that chick for a lot of sissies. I dress them up, pimp them out, & humiliate the sissyjuice right out of them. Now I'm going to do that to you.

Put on your prettiest panties & grab your favorite toy. This kinkydoll is going to show you a whole new world.

Of Course….Series $4 each
MP3 of course she’s fucking other guys! MP3 of course you have a lil fuckin dick! MP3 of course you’re fuckin gay!
MP3 of course you're a big fat fuck!
MP3s for loserfuckbags
MP3 $2 MP3 $2 MP3 Loser Walks Into a Party $7 MP3 Everybody Hates you $7
MP3 How Revolting Are you? $5 MP3 I Don't Fuckin Care $4 MP3 Reasons you will NEVER fuck Me $5 MP3 Losers in Love-so gross $4
MP3 tiny dinkydoo story part 1 $6 MP3 The Loser Checklist $3 MP3 $3
Destroyer Series
MP3 Cuckold Destroyer $7 MP3 Fat Fuck Destroyer $7 MP3 Tiny Dick Destroyer $10
MP3 Marriage and Life Destroyer $14 MP3 Loser Destroyer $10
For FatFucks
MP3 making you fatter $5 MP3 you can & will get fatter $5
Humiliation Assignment MP3 of the Week $1 each
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6
  • brainwashing
  • emasculation
  • making loser fuckbags cry
  • crushing your hopes and dreams
  • making you fatter
  • humiliation
  • sissy bois
  • $$$$ domination
  • foot worship
  • blackmail
  • cum baths and snowballing
  • cuckolding
  • spankings
  • strap-on training
  • asshole ramming
  • forced bi