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guys don't like me, but teacher does *nerdy girl*


I don't have the same looks as other girls on campus, and the guys just don't notice me. I guess since I wear glasses and have a "plain jane" appearance, I'm overlooked for the sexier girls. But lately, my professor has been hitting on me. He asks me to stay after class and help him grade essays, and he's constantly complimenting me. He surprised me yesterday when he said I have a very nice shape! Does he think I'm hot? I only have B cup tits, and I always thought guys went for the larger breasted girls. So what should I do? He's asked me to stay after class again today. Should I go for it? How far should I let him go? I'm still a virgin, but it feels so good to be getting this kind of attention from him. He's older, mature, and very good looking. I like the way he makes me feel just by paying attention to me. I've made up my mind. Teacher is gonna get what he wants!

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