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For years I have done research on Fetishes and Fantasies. I have talked to over 1000 men not just here on Niteflirt but on other sites, friends, co workers and even strangers on the street. I am not perfect. I don't think that I have heard everything but good god I have heard a lot.
I have talked about sneezing... some guys want me to sneeze others strangely enough want to sneeze themselves. I have talked to guys into the balloon fetish... one guy went further.. tire inter tube fetish. I have spoken to guys who want to be ran over and squished under things, and guys who want to be shrank down into an itty bitty speck of a person. I have talked to guys into the quirky fetishes and guys who like everything tame and "normal". Then there are the guys who like wrestling and those that want to be beat up.
I have lots of stories and fantasies to share. But more than that I want you to help add to my list. Tell me your fantasies and fetishes. Give me information on you and I will enjoy helping you get off afterwards.
Call and share with me your story with me, confess your sins, explain your fetish. I am here to hear it all. You will not be judged. I can be your priest, your counselor.
I go by evil grin but I am not a bad person, a little mischievous. I have an evil grin because I am usually thinking I wonder what your fetish is and how can I get you to divulge it. <wink> Call and lets have some fun today.

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