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Mistress Lila

YOU BELONG TO ME! Total Mind Control!


Here, I will guide your mind to areas only my devious nature can take you! You will think of me every day. You will look at your watch over and over, and each time you flip your wrist -- my name will come to mind ... MISTRESS! YOUR MISTRESS! And your nasty little appendage will twitch for me!

Submission by Succubus - One Man's Story: He never intended to submit to me for anything more than phone sex, but I knew I had addicted him to my voice. Every time we spoke, I used my soft firm guidance voice - the same one I use for my erotic inductions. Erotic induction is very similar to hypnosis, but the subject stays awake, appears alert and in control of himself throughout the session - *grin* at least it appears that way. He was mesmerized by my voice and even commented on it. That was his first mistake, many more followed. After two “anything goes” calls, I suggested that he call me on my Mind Control line. At least, he thought it was a suggestion *smug grin.* He obeyed.

I told him to download my Trance Aids and follow the instructions exactly as stated, and complete the action a dozen times a day or more while stroking himself without cumming, then call me when he could no longer stand being away from my voice, and be sure he set aside 30 minutes for our first call. He laughed, and said an unbelieving “sure.” Within 24 hours, he was calling my Mind Control line. In that very first call, he begged me to help him with release ... I told him to call back in two hours after he had completed the Trance instructions two more times.

He called an hour later, almost crying, begging for permission for an explosive release under my control. This time I granted his wish. He made himself ready, stripped totally naked, laid back full length on a bed in a quiet room. He propped a soft pillow under his head and another under his right arm (the one he strokes with), he cushioned his phone to his ear and spread his feet 10 inches apart ... and waited. I made him wait a few moments before I gave him my voice. Then I said, “now we begin ...”

The first few minutes took him into a light relaxed state. The next minutes filled his mind with the story of succubus demons that visit you in the night. And the last few minutes he strained forward for release and had an amazing, relaxed explosion. He was filled - satisfied! The yearning he felt for the past 24 hours was squashed. He thought he was done! I told him I expected to hear from him again when he felt a strong urge to call me within the next 48 hours. He scoffed, laughed a little and said thanks, like this would be our last call.

Two days later, his second call was almost a panic. Poor boy! He wanted to know what I had done to him. I told him he was awake the whole time, surely he remembered the call. He sounded confused, and asked “Did you do something to me?” I responded, “Of course I did, silly boy. And what do think that was?” He told me about his sleep cycle. It was deeply disturbed. Every morning he woke up, he was hard, he felt like he had dreamed, slept deep, but couldn’t remember his dreams. And he felt exhausted like he had sex all night. One morning, his sheets were wet and so was the end of his nasty appendage, but he didn’t remember anything erotic in his dreams. I laughed and said, “Maybe a succubus has visited you!” He continued, “That’s not all. Every time a girl walks by me with larger than average breasts, I have an urge to touch the front of my pants and squeeze myself.” I laughed again, “Oh my, what a dilemma.” He continued again, “I played with myself. I know I wasn’t suppose to, but it didn’t matter, because it just didn’t feel that good, not as good as it did when I spoke to you last time.”

This time, I made him wait. Then I replied, “That’s because you were a bad boy, very disobedient. You’re suppose to wait for me. Would you like another satisfying release?” He said "yes," groveled and begged.

I smiled to myself. I love it when they realize they want to submit. They need to submit. I told him to leave me a nice tribute after our call, then I started his second induction. He relaxed and went to trance state very quickly this time *big smile* ... and I proceeded to fill his head with several more subliminal suggestions. I love it when they get those uncontrollable urges and have to stroke themselves or call me. You know YOU want to submit, too. CALL ME ... and let’s start your submission ...


TRANCE AID #1 : $10

TRANCE AID #2 : $5

TRANCE AID #3 : $5



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