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I intend to use you as My personal bottomless wallet. And since that makes you so horny and weak, I think you're going to need another job!

But, who cares? As long as you CLICK, PAY and OBEY!

I am in the mood to play Raise the Rate. You are a pay pig - you know how it works.

As you become more and more seduced, excited, or even relaxed while we are talking, I am going to choose a moment, hang up and raise My rate. You, of course, are going to call back. Again... and again.

FinDom Phone Sex with Princess Jewel

I will play with you like you are My financial puppet. You will comply... and beg for more. Why would you do this? Because it is your weakness. Because the thought of Me taking you deeper and deeper as My financial slave excites you like nothing else. Because the thought of being used as a money slave and human atm is irresistable to you.

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We both know you're a Financial Domination addict and you can't resist. How high will I raise My rate? How desperate and weak will you become? How much will you wind up spending?

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Jewel's Rules:
Be a good financial slave and follow a few simple rules to make Princess happy!
  1. You will address Me as "Princess" or "Princess Jewel".
  2. You will treat Me as your superior, because, well, duh.
  3. You will beg Me to raise the rate, drain your cash, addict you to paying Me, humiliate you, wallet rape you, or whatever else will addict you to Me.
  4. You will relinquish all control of your wallet and hand it happily over to Me.
  5. If you have a request, you will ask Me nicely. I am usually happy to oblige, especially since your requests tend to reveal your weaknesses to Me... and I love using them against you to make you squirm.
  6. You will relax, let go and enjoy yourself... I enjoy your perverted little fetish too!
Obey and Pay Princess Jewel

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FinDom Phone Sex with Princess Jewel

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