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Goddess Mia

Come suck My Toes slaves, Worship My Feet

Nothing feels as natural to Me as having a man creature on his knees Worshipping My Superior Feet.
Being a Professional Mistress as well as being a natural Superior Goddess I know how much slaves love to show there submission to Me by Worshipping My feet.
I understand the symbolic act of Worshipping My Feet. It shows how Superior I am over you, how you are as close to the ground as possible, almost My ground to walk on, you are beneath Me, and Worshipping My Superior Feet demonstrates this dosen't it slave!

I have many admirers of My Superior Feet, not just slaves and sissy's, but regular men and sometimes Women also who simply know and understand that they adore My feet, they love Me and My feet, and Worshipping My feet is an honour I grant them. Its an honour I may grant you also, if I feel you are deserving of such a reward.
Call Me now and let Me teach you how to properly Worship My feet, I will guide you in what to say, what to do, how to gently kiss My feet, savour the aroma of My sweet soft skin. I will be firm and demanding, I may abuse you, scold you, humiliate you, laugh at you, buit you will accept whatever I do to you, because you have no choice in the matter, you need to Worship My feet slave, so I suggest you call Me now, and get started in learning how to properly Worship the Feet of a truly Superior Goddess.

Look at My gorgeous legs and Feet, stare at my Perfect toes, you know you need to Worship them don't you slave, look how the leather straps wrap around My immaculate ankles, don't you wonder how fantastic the smell of leather mixed with My beautiful skin would be? can you almost taste the leather, taste the sweet perfumed cream which is so generously applied to My feet everyday, don't fight your natural urges slave, don't try to beat mother nature, you are weak and I am strong and Perfect. And I have what you need.
Call Me now and let your Worship of My Perfect feet begin.