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Hypnotic voice, 8 year exp rt Domme, kneel puppet!

When you kneel to Goddess you give up all rights to your own independent thought. Every major issue in your life will be made by me. You give up all rights to your own cock, it now belongs to Goddess. You cum when I say you cum, you masturbate when i say you masturbate, you do edgeplays when I say you do edge plays, you remain in chastity as long as Goddess wishes. You give up all rights to your social life, you talk to who I want you to talk to when I want you to. Your time will be best spent devoted to making MY life better in all ways..emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially.

Emotionally: Always making time for Goddess, feeding her ego and trust me I have a big one that needs constant attention and feeding. I hear boys say "I know you hear this all the time but....." lol trust me a true Narcissist can never hear enough compliments. You will make sure that I see the importance you feel I am in your life.

Spiritually: You will submit completely to Goddess, you will worship me and ONLY me. When knelt in servitude to me all of your time will be devoted to me and my needs. You will not kneel or consult any other Goddesses or have any other form of religion. A divided soul is not an owned soul.

Mentally: You will give into every greedy, perverse, and fucked up task my twisted little mind comes up with. You will make sure that Goddess is amused with her puppet. You will give up all weaknesses and allow me to creep into your mind slowly, raping you and rebuilding you into what I feel you would best be used for.

Financially: You will give tribute to your Goddess in one form or another. I should never have to demand or suggest you spoil me, it should be voluntarily submitted to me. You must show me you appreciate the time I do spend on you. Making sure all my needs are met and beyond.

Why do you think I call you a puppet? hmmm? You become my own little personal puppet, with strings twisted tightly in my pretty fingers. Simply put you do what I want when I want how I want.

I am a Goddess... not a fucking princess, not a fucking mistress.... a GODDESS your life will become mine and it will be used to my advantage in all ways. If not what useful purpose does your life hold?

I also enjoy alot real time with puppets who show me they are worthy of my attention

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