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Hi guys! My name is Jennifer and I'm a 20 year old cosmetology student. I've just moved away from home so now I have to pay all of my own bills and it's really hard! :(

I have to pay my rent somehow, and what I am really good at is being a dirty, filthy mouthed little slut and teasing men to get what I want...

I guess this phone sex thing just comes naturally to me!

***Update to my Customers!: Due to the overwhelming amount of requests and e-mails from my customers I am now offering services as an Ignore Line!!! Anytime I'm actively taking calls you may call me, and say the password "I'm Worthless Miss Jenny" and I'll know what you want. Listen to me do yoga, paint my toenails, talk to my friends, forget your name, and even go shopping with your money! ***

ANYTHING GOES... my only limits are YOUR limits...
I'll deep-throat your throbbing cock, choking on it as I let my slobber drip all over my tits and the floor. I'll take you all the way in my ass and ride you like the desperate little cum-whore that I am. I'll call you a little sissy and laugh at you your pathetic attempts to touch me. Or I'll beg you on my hands and knees, with tears in my eyes, for more of whatever you want to give me.

I love sharing my nasty little fantasies with you, and I REALLY want to hear about yours.

And who knows... If i like you, I may eventually let you see some of my extremely hot photos ;) The more we get to know one another, the more I will reveal.

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and as far as Alex5564 who gave me negative feedback... We only talked for 3 min total and he had a rude attitude right from the start. He referred to me as "bitch" which kinda threw me off... one of those customers who just calls niteflirt to be a prick to the girls and hang up on them.