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Bonnie Swings

You know you want me - the dirty girl next door

I'm spoiled. I'm pampered. I'm sexy. I'm sensual. I'm a swinger... And I'm married. I'm just his trophy wife that he pulls out when he needs an arm decoration though. On rare occasions he goes on the swinging binge with me. He loves to pick women that are more beautiful than me. He's all about eye-candy. It is fun though because while I love my husband and men in general, I really love women just as much. We all have fun and in the end the women usually become my friend and forget about my husband. He's too busy with work to keep anyone's attention for long and he certainly isn't going to give up any of his money to anyone else.

I have a lot of free time on my hands so I'm always on the prowl for a new sexual conquest. My emotions stay at bay so I don't have to worry about any attachment to anyone. I'm not looking for love, just hot and sweaty, kinky and wild sex! I don't have any problem finding it either. I don't mind if the man becomes attached to me, that just leaves me in better control of my sexual desires that I want fulfilled by him. You know, wrapping him right about my little finger.
I never know where I'll find my next partner. I do have standards, but they aren't very high. I love sex and if you're a clean, disease free, handsome, fun-loving and sexual man I'm probably going to be all over you. The same goes for women. If I get a vibe that you're swinging my way I will definitely be hitting on you.

The other night my husband came home from work, late as usual, and found me in bed with this incredibly hot blonde woman. She had a strap-on and was really going to town on my pussy. We didn't stop for him either. He watched for a while and then next thing I know he's joining in. Needless to say we didn't sleep until the crack of dawn.

Being a trophy wife has it's advantages and the most important is having the money and time on my hands to do whatever I want. Right now I think I'd really like to do YOU. Why don't you call me and talk for a while? I promise you it will be fun!!

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