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$$Elegant Vamp! I Collect Piggys! You will PAY!!$$

I don't know why you are bothering to read my profile when you know damn well you can't afford me.I am a sophisticated Vamp. I lead a life of leisure and luxury. We have nothing in common because you are so poor and so repulsive. I am a Glamorous Woman. I spend hours a day lunching, lounging in the bath while my maid cleans, putting on make-up at my vanity, lounging in bed eating chocolates, and going on dates with sexy and exciting men. NOT YOU! NEVER EVER YOU! You can try to woo me with gifts and money and phonecalls but, women like me are just too good for a man like you. I will ignore you, laugh at you, I may even throw a drink in your face but, you will never be able to buy my affections. I will never show you any sweetness. If you INSIST on trying to win my affections, I can't stop you, even though I have already warned you that it will NEVER work. I do have a ton of expences, Dance class, Spa Days, Lunches, Indulgences, My Maid( 4 days a week) Fashion,Books, Travel- on and on and on. If you want to be ANY part of my life at all, you can be my wallet. That is the only use I have for you. That is the ONLY thing you have to offer. I know that a TRICK like you cannot resist the charms of a true VAMP like me. Your money is as good as mine! I don't care if you have to eat out of a dumpster because I am using your paycheck to take my girlfriends out to lunch. Perhaps you can dig our leftovers out of the trash. Then, we can all laugh at you!! If you are looking at my page, you owe me some cash! I demand it you vile little troll. I see you for the pathetic loser you are and for that reason ( and because you look like a pig) I will never change my opinion of you. You can call and beg me for some attention, tell me how much you adore and how you would do ANYTHING I ask. Maybe you can convince me. HA! Never!!!!!