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My Dominance is real, grounded in the 24/7 Master and slave dynamic of my home. You want to learn about the real deal? Here it is.

There are those in life who call themselves leaders, and there are those that just lead!

We all begin as children, needing guidance and knowledge to grow and become something more. I have become that greater person and now I am here to offer you my years of experience!

I learned the needs the desires the feelings that flood the mind of a submissive for I was once on the bottom myself. I understand the need to please, the innate longing to make some one proud. The agony of errors. Learn, absorb, and you will succeed.

Would you rather be a cherished pet? An object? A toy? A servant? What fate awaits you at the feet of a Dominant? What is your place in the world?

Only those willing to take risks find the great rewards that are possible.

I am intoxicated by true submission and those with a desire to provide useful service for the sake of pleasing, not personal gain.

Come with me as I take you on a journey through your fears and fantasies, pulling you forward into your future and your self. You WILL serve!

I encourage you to take my challenge. Come to me a broken and lost little puppy and let me mold and change you into what you always wanted to be.

In service to me you will lose yourself and be reborn stronger, wiser, smarter, better for service to me or any other whom you are lucky enough to serve.

Come be my pet, my servant, my worshipper. Let me take you further than you thought possible and return you a better person! Real world Dominants with REAL experience are hard to find. Here I am, fifteen years of in the flesh time with crop and cane, holding collar and lead. Contact me NOW to find out how it feels to serve a Dominant Woman, not a fantasy alone.