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I giggle while I take it all...

Four sets of teasing pictures. 4 pictures in each set for only $5/set! *Last set includes rare pre-braces pictures!*

My name is Celina - but most of my friends call me CeCe. I know that I'm a cute girl - and that the braces only add to the little girl allure you can't resist. :) If you come a little closer you'll see the freckles that dance across my cute little nose. By then it will be too late.

Cuz you, dear old sweet man, are a little bit of a pervert. You prefer younger looking girls to the worldly and more dominating slut because not only do I make you look younger, but the power exchanges between the two of us are so "kinky", aren't they?

Most men mistake a young cute thing like me for being docile, meek and putty in your hands. But you know the truth, don't you? I am cute and meek and putty only until you take a step further. Then the little pouts begin when I don't get my way. They are subtle at first, a few tears, maybe a cute little foot stomp. Usually that is all it takes to make you putty in my hands.

I know that you have other "responsibilities" - but I also know that you will make time for mine, too. Why should I worry my pretty little head over bills and things when I have you to help me out? You're so smart and wise and big and strong, I'm sure coming up with more and more money for me will be no problem at all. Besides, it will make you feel so important, and will also make me so delighted, to see the cash and gifts that will soon be falling into my little lap!

So don't be a chicken. Give me a call and let's just talk about it, shall we? Come a little closer...just a little bit more...ok, now lean down and inhale.


Scared to commit? Scaredy cat? Don't fret ... you can now listen before you "buy". :)

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