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Lola loves your money but loathes you.....

I have no interest in you or your cock. You are nothing more than an object for me to use and amuse myself with. I doubt you can afford me. I doubt you could even have enough money to convince me your worth my time. If you call me I will ignore you. I will make you squrim, make you beg, I will suck you bank accounts dry and then maybe, If I feel you've done enough for me I might let you cum. That's only for the very generous though. the rest of you worthless toys will be forced to have blue balls until you satisfy my wants. I expect and deserve to be treated like a queen. I'm worth much more than those little Princesses out there. Before you even think of calling me I expect a tribute or you can expect me to hang up on you. For those gents who go above and beyond what I expect of them. I will offer you the chance to buy a custom photograph that I will take just for you. You'd have to do something extraoridary though. In fact I don't even think you have it in you. Don't waste my time if you are not ready to pay the price.