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I know that I've been putting dirty thoughts into the heads of older men since I started wearing mini skirts. I started to notice heads turning when I was out; old guys in their 30's, 40's and 50's busted staring at my legs and ass as I walked by. It's amazing how fast your faces turn red when I catch you wondering what color panties I have on or if I'm even wearing any. Anyhow, I figured out that I can get what I want out of guys my age, but the only problem with that is they don't have much money unless they manage to get ahold of a credit card. I know that I can do some serious damage to an older guy's credit cards and bank account. It always makes me laugh to see an older guy with a stiffy in his pants all because of me. And once your dick is hard, I'll definitely be using your wallet hard.
Trust me ... you'll enjoy being used.

I've also found out that the more that I make fun of a guy and laugh at him, the more he seems to want to follow me around, like he really loves me laughing at him. Guys like that probably go home and rub one out to the memory of me laughing at him over and over. It's a good thing that wimps like you like your hands so much, because I doubt that you'll be getting a hot girl in bed with you anytime soon. I'll probably flirt and lead you on, but all you'll end up with is a fat credit card statement to deal with at the end of the month. But you'll probably jerk off to that too since I was the girl you spent your credit line on.

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