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Princess Melicious

MY IGNORE LINE - Pay for NOTHING, Loser!!!!

Sit pretty loser, and pay up. It's time to drain your account while I make you sit and wait for Me to give you just a crumb of my precious time. You KNOW you aren't worth anything else. I'll talk to you if I bloody well feel like it. You should feel priviledged just to be on my phone line. I understand how worhtless you are, and I'm not afraid to show it.

Time to PAY for nothing, loser!!!

My name is Princess Melicious (a.k.a. Mellissa). I am luscious and naturally sweet, but I have a secret... I love to manipulate men. Growing up an only child/ priviledged, rich bitch taught me all about my power. I was always popular and independant. Even when I treated boys bad, they still came back for more!! Now that I'm a legal adult, I can't help it. I grew up selfish and entitled... and why should I even try to help it? Stupid men love to be used by me and buy me things. HAHA! I love it too! :)

Lately I discovered this thing called DOMINATION. OMGZORS, there are books and books on it!! Stupid, dumb men even pay for it!! Things like Blackmail and Financial Domination - when I found out about that, I just knew that this was for me. Just thinking about it makes my pussy wet.

I have always loved to use my sexuality to control and manipulate... and I don't even care what I do to you, how much I hurt you. The ride is worth the crash, and you *know* it, don't you, sucker!! Call me at your own risk, stupid boy. You have been well warned... but I doubt you will start to be smart and heed it now. HAHA!

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PAY for PUSSY, Suckah!!

Now PAY Again!